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First Garage Sales of the Season

Today's garage sale acquisitions...

Today’s garage sale acquisitions…

Headed out this morning with H. to hit up some garage sales for the first time this year. Perhaps not the best choice on four hours of sleep in the unseasonably cold weather and without breakfast, but fortunately I could keep my mutterings confined to my inside voice. Continue reading

When Good Dogs Die


Picture taken by me in Winnipeg’s Exchange District. It seems appropriately bleak for today’s post.

Cookie died today. It was a safe and peaceful death, in the arms of her loving mama and at the hands of a compassionate vet.

I will miss her joyful grin and the way she wagged her whole body when I arrived at her home. I love how she would wiggle her substantial butt frantically while also hop-hop-hopping with her front paws. She had a lovely friendly wide head and the tips of her ears flopped down. When she gnawed on a bone, her powerful jaws flexed and you could see the Rottie in her. Continue reading

Finished this book: MaddAddam (by Margaret Atwood)

DSC00327Picked this one up in the Ottawa airport so I’d have something to read on the plane. I know for sure I’ve read the first two books in the trilogy in the past (Oryx and Crake, and The Year of the Flood) but I couldn’t remember if I’d read this one yet. But it’s a pretty recent release, so I spent the cash and hoped it wouldn’t be a repeat.

I do love Margaret Atwood, and this book lived up to my expectations of her writing. I do also love a post-apocalyptic story, the-end-of-the-world-as-we-know-it followed by how-will-things-get-rearranged-afterward. Continue reading

Finished this book: Dead as a Doornail (by Charlaine Harris)

Another book picked up at random from one of the many bookshelves in the house where I’m vacationing. I was looking for something light (since the last book I read was The Orenda). This was a super quick read and exactly what I was looking for in terms of entertainment. Continue reading

Looked at this art: Alex Colville (and William Eakin) at the National Gallery of Canada

One of William Eakin's photographs at the National Gallery in the Alex Colville exhibition. Taken by me.

One of William Eakin’s photographs at the National Gallery in the Alex Colville exhibition. Taken by me.

On Tuesday (12 May 2015), I went to the National Gallery to see the Alex Colville exhibition. Well, more specifically, I went to see William Eakin’s part in that exhibition. The idea of having several contemporary artists share their responses to Colville’s work intrigued me, but mostly I have to admit that I was thrilled to have a chance to see Eakin’s work at the National Gallery. I’ve met him a few times, seen a few of his shows, had a conversation with him at his opening at Actual in Winnipeg recently (“Time”–Those watch faces! Wonderful!) and had a chance to pet his gorgeous dog a couple of times. So it’s not like Bill and I are buddies, but he’s an interesting guy who does interesting work and I was super excited to go to the National! Gallery! of Canada! (omg, right?) to see some of his work. Continue reading

Finished this book: The Orenda (by Joseph Boyden)

The Orenda. Well. This is the third book I’ve read on my vacation, and what a change from the first two! I’ve been looking forward to reading this for a while, having peripherally noted some controversy (or maybe just contention?) when Wab Kinew was defending it for CBC’s Canada Reads. Too colonial? Too graphic? Too Canadian? Not Canadian enough? Who defines Canadian anyway? But I filed it away mentally as I’ll read this someday and figure it out for myself… Continue reading

Finished this book: Dog On It (by Spencer Quinn)

Nothing is as great as dogs. But a good book with a dog as the main protagonist comes pretty close. I very much enjoyed Dog On It (A Chet and Bernie Mystery). Chet, the dog, narrates this story in which he and his human (private investigator Bernie) solve a case. Spencer Quinn has quite brilliantly captured the nonexistent attention span, excellent olfactory and gustatory memory, dignity / loyalty / pride, and instant gratification motivation of dogs. Continue reading

Finished this book: Blasphemy (by Douglas Preston)

You know how when you go on a trip you need a disposable book? A few days before I left on vacation, I was visiting my mom and asked if she had a book I could have (as opposed to borrow) to read on the plane. She handed me Blasphemy and while it’s not something I would have chosen in a store, the supercollider / science aspect seemed like it would if not outweigh then at least counterbalance the God / Satan aspect. Continue reading