Finished this book: Dog On It (by Spencer Quinn)

Nothing is as great as dogs. But a good book with a dog as the main protagonist comes pretty close. I very much enjoyed Dog On It (A Chet and Bernie Mystery). Chet, the dog, narrates this story in which he and his human (private investigator Bernie) solve a case. Spencer Quinn has quite brilliantly captured the nonexistent attention span, excellent olfactory and gustatory memory, dignity / loyalty / pride, and instant gratification motivation of dogs. Chet is very believable as both a dog and a narrator. The way the story progresses and the way the humans and other animals in the book are developed only through Chet’s observations and musings is quite entertaining and surprisingly smooth.

Apparently this is the debut in a series and I’ll definitely pick up the next one(s). In fact, I’ll probably go out and buy this one to re-read it. I just picked it up off a bookshelf at my friend’s house where I’m staying on vacation and read it with one of her dogs on the couch with me and the other watching me from across the room.

If you’re looking for a beach book, a nice light snack kind of book, a feel-good, love-my-dog kind of book, try this one. It has its sad moments, for sure (how Chet reacts to the sights and sounds of a kill shelter, for example), but overall I was completely happy with this random bookshelf find. ISBN 978-1-4165-8584-8. Also, the back cover says you can visit Chet at — I just checked it out (it would silly to link to something I haven’t seen!) and I’m excited that there are seven books in the series already! I hope they are all as fun and doggily accurate as this one.


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