First Garage Sales of the Season

Today's garage sale acquisitions...

Today’s garage sale acquisitions…

Headed out this morning with H. to hit up some garage sales for the first time this year. Perhaps not the best choice on four hours of sleep in the unseasonably cold weather and without breakfast, but fortunately I could keep my mutterings confined to my inside voice. H. had seen a print ad for a massive yard sale at the Unitarian Universalist Church on Wellington so that’s where we headed first. The sale was supposed to start at 9 and that’s exactly when we showed up to a packed parking lot and throngs of people streaming out of the building with their arms full of treasures. Every year I forget that the start time is not really the start time! Still, there was lots left and I got the three items pictured above. The fish-bowl ($3) matches a set of bowls my ex and I got from Tante Mieke fifteen years ago. This bowl is more a serving bowl than a soup bowl like the others,  but I’m sure happy to have it as the others slowly chip or get dropped. It’s a nice memory of the honourary auntie who was my neighbour for so many years and who insisted on passing plates of spicy Indonesian food to me over our mutual fence when my partner worked evening shift. Tante Mieke wasn’t sure whether to be more amused or horrified that I didn’t cook for myself.

The little pottery bowl ($2) appealed to me because of the pleasing shape and colours and the asymmetry of the glazing around the rim. I’m helpless when it comes to sweet little pottery bowls, and could probably produce one for every variety of pickle, dip, olive, grape, or nut one could possible care to serve. The idea is that as my regular daily dishes break, I won’t replace them but instead will use pottery. However, since my preferred pottery dish seems to be a bowl of approximately this size and shape, I’ll only be able to have multiple miniature servings, which just might be worth it for the cuteness of the dishes!

The Knit-It Kit for kids (50 cents) has “10 Fun Beginning Knitting Projects!” This is part of my ongoing struggle to learn to knit. I’m really determined to figure this out. I’ve taken classes at Wolseley Wool and bought books and had various aunties and friends and grannies try to teach me, but it just won’t stick. It is so frustrating! I can weave and I can do bobbin lace; why can’t I knit? Maybe part of the problem is that weaving and bobbin lace involve similar attention to firm tension in the threads. A big problem for me with knitting is that I can’t seem to keep it loose enough; I keep trying to firm it up. Anyway, here’s hoping that a child-level kit will magically enable me to become a genius knitter by the end of June. (Even if I only get started in a few weeks…)

H. came away from that yard sale with an armful of electronics so he was happy. The one thing I should have considered for longer was a lovely square wooden table with a drawer. It was only  $20 and it was so simple and sweet! But my budget for today was $10, and I really do have enough furniture. A new wooden table would be really just a glorified cat-scratching post.

We hit two more garage sales after that, drifting up Wellington and back down Academy and Corydon. They were pretty average single-family garage sales, heavy on the popular paperbacks, old movies, children’s clothes and toys, dented furniture, and mismatched tupperware. Usually I try to look at each book, and feel the household linen in search of wool or cotton blankets, sheets, and towels to use for my dogs, but by then the lack of sleep, coffee, and breakfast was catching up to me. In the interest of public safety, I turned the little car toward home and sustenance.

Every time I go garage sailing/saling/sale-ing, I think about how to spell that. I have always liked “garage sailing” with the idea that we are sailing out in search of treasure and discovery, but at the same time, the misuse of “sail” bothers me. So I did an internet search on it this morning and this is the discussion I liked most: — it’s not definitive but it’s fun!







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