Dog Meat for Dinner?

A picture of a black dog and her nursing puppies.

The Brindle Dog with her mom and siblings. Not snacks despite how plump and juicy they all seem.

“But think of the sweet PUPPIEEEES!!”

Of course I don’t want dog meat for dinner. But it makes me spitting mad when people who eagerly devour pigs and cows get all sentimental about others eating dogs. Because:

1. Dogs are not more or less valuable than pigs or cows. (Yes, I love my own dogs; no, I don’t love any particular cows or pigs; yes, I am still able to understand the concept of inherent worth without being all “one of my best friends is a bovine/porcine and she says the factory farm is great!”)

2. Acting like only barbarians would eat dogs (and let’s be clear: most of the people whining about this are Euro/North Americans being all “Oh my god! The Chinese eat dogs! SWEET FLUFFY DOGGIES”) is not just ignorant, ethnocentric, and racist, but shows a complete lack of understanding of how barbaric cow- and pig-eating seems to huge numbers of people all over the world.

3. How and what you eat is normal to you, but that “normalcy” is not an objective truth. It’s just a habit.

4. Often (definitely not always, but often), the same people who are freaking out about the Chinese people eating dogs are the same ones who react to someone’s vegetarian or vegan diet as if that’s a personal criticism and affront, and have no problem filling the facebook feeds of said vegetarians / vegans with THE BACON OMG WITH ITS CRISPY GOODNESS HOW CAN YOU LIVE WITHOUT IT?!?!?

Summary: Yeah, it’s great that you care about the dogs. But if you eat other animals, you’re a hypocrite.

tl;dr: If you’re into meatloaf and chicken wings and tuna salad and T-bones, STFU about the dogs and take a close look at your own food chain.

Here Endeth the Rant


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