Father’s Day: Not Always “Happy”

Father’s Day is hard for so many people. I imagine this day must be as bitter for my estranged father as it is for me. At least I hope it is as bitter for him, because that might mean that he still cares and that one day we might have a relationship again.

Father’s Day is hard for people whose dad is dead, for dads whose kids are dead, for the men who want to be dads but can’t be, for the kids and dads who are separated from each other, for people whose dads were / are abusive, for kids who never knew their deadbeat dads but are forced by the teacher to make a card for Daddy anyway (true story from a colleague), for the people whose dads are frankly nothing to celebrate.

I know my dad used to love me. I hope he still does. As much as I hate this estrangement, it’s better than dealing with how he and his wife were treating me. But Father’s Day is still bitter because I miss him, and our time for reconciliation gets shorter each year.


2 thoughts on “Father’s Day: Not Always “Happy”

  1. The Chronic Overthinker

    An interesting read.

    This year it was very different for us. We spent the most of it in the normal way, gave a card and a small gift etc. Had a nice lunch. Just before dinner my dad said he wasn’t feeling well and passed out in the bathroom. We tried to get him to come round but everytime he did he’d pass out again. I called emergency services and they came to him. I had to comfort my brother who was struggling with what was going on and 2 hours after the ambulance arrived they took my dad along with my mum to the local hospital. Myself and my brother followed the ambulance. Thankfully he’s made a full recovery but we sat all night with my dad in hospital and didn’t leave until just after midnight. Ironically we probably spent more time together as a family that evening than we would have done if none of it had happened. I’m just grateful that he’s ok.

    Sorry for the slight essay!


    1. nissetje Post author

      I’m so glad your dad made a full recovery! This is the kind of thing that is scary for me. I would hate for my dad to die before he and I have been able to repair our relationship. But I also have to respect his choices. Thanks for sharing your story.



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