Ringing In My Birthday


Some of the gear I have to return today

Last night I deejayed at a great little non-licensed venue for an event showcasing the work of women and non-binary trans people. There were four artists performing, and L. and I deejayed before, after, and between the other performers. This is the first time either of us has deejayed without a more experienced DJ to mentor, guide, and rescue us. We both messed up in various places, but this was a very forgiving and friendly audience, less interested in jeering our mistakes than in applauding our recoveries.

Things I learned:

– you can never have too many extension cords

– there are more types of cables and connectors in the world than seems reasonable

– the amount of gear needed for a gig is mind-boggling

– the correct way to clean fluff off a needle is NOT to wipe it on one’s shirt (that was a forty-dollar trip to Long & McQuade)

– my sister DJs are generous with advice, lending gear, and encouragement

– once my laptop has gone to sleep, Serato Scratch Live has to be restarted or else the next track I play will emerge as a garbled staccato and cause a surge of panic that makes my legs shake because I don’t understand what the hell has gone wrong

– people don’t care if you screw up; they only care that you keep going

The short story is that I had fun, loved hearing all the other performers as well as L.’s music choices, and enjoyed sharing some music that I appreciate. It was only when I was on the way home with all the gear safely packed up in my car that I realised it was past midnight and now my birthday. A nice way to ring it in!

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