Awful Earsplitting Horrifying Singing in the Car

What stops me from doing new things is that I can’t instantly do them perfectly. So frustrating! All those years of being an A-student don’t seem to translate into instant skills in other areas. I’m no Ella Fitzgerald, no Emily Carr, no Margaret Atwood, no Scratch Bastid, no Frida Kahlo. But I read a post by a sister blogger the other day (I Can’t Turn my Head to the Right) and it reminded me—again—that the trick is to do it anyway.

So yeah, I sing in the car. I have no idea if my singing is really Awful and Earsplitting and Horrifying, but in the car I don’t have to care. But every spring, when the weather warms up and I start rolling down the windows, I get that truly embarrassing moment where I am belting out a chorus, or trying my damnedest to harmonise with my limited range, or just wailing ooooo ooo ooooooo to the parts where I don’t know the words—and then I realise I’m at a red light—with the windows down—and just like whereshappy, I can’t turn my head. Because what if someone has noticed? And is laughing at me?

The thing is, sometimes I “catch” other people singing in their cars. Bopping along, crooning or rapping or muttering along, and sure, I look at them. Actually, I stare at them. But I am not judging them; no, I am admiring them. I think hey she looks so happy or else holy dog, that guy is really into it or maybe even wow, they are having so much fun!

And so I keep singing in the car. I tap out rhythms and nod my head and wriggle my shoulders and give my vocals as good as I’ve got. And if I should happen to catch someone’s eye when I’m in the act, I try to keep the sheepish out of my grin and just portray the happy. Because anyone who has a voice can sing. There’s no rule that says you have to be good at it. And it sure feels fabulous to own it.

Something I’ve been singing and humming along to in the car:


9 thoughts on “Awful Earsplitting Horrifying Singing in the Car

  1. whereshappy

    I love it! Keep singing! I am making a vow to sing at the top of my lungs in my car on the way home tonight. I might even video it as proof (but don’t hold me to that)!

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