The Story Behind the Genderbread Person

The Genderbread Person

The Genderbread Person

I wanted to share the Genderbread Person with you, an infographic I found helpful in  being able to articulate the differences between gender identity, gender expression, sexual orientation, romantic orientation, and biological sex, and how these things can operate relatively independently of each other. But when I searched for “genderbread person” to find an image to insert into the post, I found The Genderbread Plagiarist, the story behind the genderbread person, a long, well-documented account of how the genderbread person was plagiarized and used for profit, It’s an old familiar tale of how the hard work of some is appropriated by those with more societal privilege or power. And it’s also a great example of how the truth will eventually out when enough determined and committed people are looking for it. Enjoy the read.


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