Reblog: What If We Are The “Bad Guys?”

I just read this very moving post and it expresses a lot of how I feel about Remembrance Day and the military. I believe we in the West are the bad guys. I believe we are doing a lot of really shitty things in the rest of the world, and we pretend it’s in the name of freedom but really it’s in the name of money and power and oil and corporate greed. We brainwash people into doing our killing, and then when they come home injured both physically and mentally, we abandon them.

Here’s the blog post: What If We Are The “Bad Guys?”

On the one hand, I feel it’s important to share this. On the other hand, I don’t really feel like arguing today, so I’m going to close comments. Here’s hoping we smarten up soon and stop inciting more hatred by going out and killing people and then profiting from their pain by “helping them rebuild.”

This Remembrance Day, let’s remember not just “our” dead soldiers, but also the ones on the “other” side. And let’s also remember all of the civilian victims.