The Bird Dance Revisited


This post is dedicated to honestme363 after our little conversation yesterday in which they wondered if I was planning to play a rave remix of any polkas or perhaps the bird dance at an upcoming gig… I said “No way!” but actually, it turns out I have some options:

DJ Birdy’s Techno Bird Dance (Techno Chicken Dance)

The Chicken Dance, Techno Remix

Chicken Dance Techno Remix

The Chicken Dance Club Mix by DJ Tob-i

Loituma levans Polka Hardstyle Remix

Hardcore Polka

Techno Polka

Double on Genre (Techno + Polka)

The last one features a cat!

It was a lot of fun looking this up. Thanks for the smiles!








4 thoughts on “The Bird Dance Revisited

  1. honestme363

    Hahaha! Thanks! And now all of your bases will be covered, just in case they want a few classics at the wedding! That hardcore polka is pretty cool, I like their dance moves! But of course I watched the cat one first 😉 Thanks for the laughs and smiles 😃😂😁😂😂

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