Happy Holidays

Hi everyone! I don’t reblog much, but I was entertained and moved by this lovely glimpse into the life of an assistance dog and her family. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. And while this post offers a very gentle reminder about assistance dog etiquette (and the logistics and rationale behind it), part of the story pissed me off enough that I’d like to remind everyone to not only BACK OFF when you see a working dog but also to keep your damned kids under control. Of course, out-of-control kids are always a pet peeve of mine, haha! Okay, maybe I shouldn’t have eaten so many sugary delicious shortbread cookies before this attempt at a reblog…?

I guess I’ll head outside with the dogs and we’ll inspect the yard for toys and new smells. Have fun slipping into Emma’s world for a while!

Big Brown Eyes

1bHappy Holidays Everybody!

Phew – there’s a lot going on at home just now.

A big ‘thank you’, licks and nuzzles to everyone who sent me get well wishes. My paw is a lot better now.

On Saturday just passed, we celebrated 19 months of my partnership with Mammy.
Daddy & Mammy simply can’t think what life would be like without me. I’ve heard them say that I completely changed their World. This appears to be a good thing – at least, it results in biscuits and fuss on a regular basis, so I’m assuming it’s a good thing.

On Thursday, Daddy and I will be taking Mammy out for her birthday. Between you and I and the water bowl, we’re probably going to go somewhere to feed the humans and then Daddy and I are taking Mammy to the theatre.
Daddy is in pantomime for his very first time…

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