Pet Peeve: “You look tired!”

Aaaaaand what? You thought pointing that out would be useful or helpful in some way? You thought it would be a good conversation starter? Why not just tell me I look like shit and be done with it?

There’s one person in particular at my workplace who often starts conversations this way. She’s really quite lovely, but I find it frustrating. Today, on her way back to her office from the bathroom, she stopped at my desk to ask concernedly “Do you have a headache today?” My tongue is bleeding a bit from the effort it took not to say “I do now!”

Actually, I don’t have a headache today. But I do have a classic BRF and I’m still trying to keep my head down as the holiday spirit continues. Sure, the trees are coming down and the wrapping paper is all in the recycling bin and the New Year’s hangovers have diminished. But it’s the first day back at work for office drones, and they’re all buzzing around the hive asking each other “Did you have a good holiday?” And when I reply “I survived it,” they laugh merrily and say “Oh, I know what you mean!” and then go on to relate long tales of family dinners, gifts given and received, Polaroid-worthy moments with kids, cute quotes by grandkids, long walks in the snow with bounding Golden Retrievers and so forth. (Although maybe some of these were ads?)

My point is: maybe I am a bit tired. It’s good of you to remark upon it. I’m so glad to know it shows so clearly. And I’m so grateful to have it pointed out.


9 thoughts on “Pet Peeve: “You look tired!”

  1. beingwoke

    Haha – why do women think it’s helpful to say this! For goodness sake just pretend you don’t notice. And it’s worse when I’m genuinely bubbly and well – just happen to not be wearing and make up. Like screw you woman – go and ask John over there why his lips are chapped!

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    1. nissetje Post author

      RIGHT???? I mean, most of the time when people say shit like that at work, I’m actually fine. I’m just concentrating on doing my job instead of being available to greet everybody and make them feel good. Jeez.

      And by the way, WHAT IS UP with John’s lips? Maybe we should Secret Santa him some chapstick.


    1. nissetje Post author

      So I clicked right away but it says I’m not an approved audience for that content. Huh. Now I feel all rejected and unworthy! 🙂


      1. AssistanceDogEmma

        Oh no! I’m sorry.

        It was a sign someone had put on their desk with like 6 ‘responses’ to typical small-talk office questions, then a last one that said ‘you’re right, , I am having a bad day, mostly because I struggle with small talk, so please do me a solid and don’t ask.’ In light of recent discussions, seemed like maybe a handy thing?

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