Become a positive body image ally…

Reblogging this because 1) it is so relevant to this week’s Pet Peeve about appearances, and 2) I wish I could have been this articulate about it, and 3) this person’s blog is frikkin awesome. Enjoy! ~Nissetje~


Sometimes, whether through ignorance or sheer habit, we are unknowingly supporting negative body image ideals. Through no fault of our own, some things become second nature and we are led down the rocky path of body shaming without even knowing it – but you can change this. Through actively minding how you speak and behave with relation to body image, you can make a difference to the standards that have, so far, been set out for us. So take a look at my tips on how you can become an ally to positive body image ideals.

Avoid comments putting someone down.

We have so many messages in society that judge us and tell us that we’re not good enough, and everyone is somewhat vulnerable to these. I can’t think of a single person who doesn’t have body image issues on one level or another – if you endorse these messages…

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