A Hard Weekend Ends with a Crash

Happy Monday, everyone! That’s not my normal salutation (it’s more a sarcastic “Happy” Monday!), but after the weekend I had, I’m glad to get back to the work routine. I got some bad news on Friday (I’ll write about it soon) and that affected the rest of the weekend. On Sunday afternoon, I did go over to a good-acquaintance-maybe-becoming-a-friend’s place for a long- awaited tea-and-cookies visit (and cuddles with her fabulous Golden Retriever).

But on the way home, I got rear-ended. This is the third January in a row that I have been rear-ended by a white pickup truck while I was stopped at a red light.

My head smacked the headrest and bounced forward, and I felt two flashes of pain—one across my lower back and one at the base of my neck. The perp and I pulled in to the next parking lot and he came out all apologetic “I’m am SO sorry! My foot slipped!” which was way better than last year’s guy. But, just like both of the previous white truck guys, this one did the whole “Well, I’m not gonna make a claim” and “Well, it looks like there’s hardly any damage to your car, so we’re all good!” and that kind of thing just pisses me off. My standard line is “I’ll get it checked out before I decide.”

I was only five minutes from home at that point, which is a good thing. Within 20 minutes, I was sore from neck to hips. Within 40 minutes, I knew I was going to need stronger drugs. Muscle relaxants seemed like a good idea. My bromate cooked me up some perogies and then walked down to the drugstore to get me some Robaxacet (the kind with acetaminophen so I could take it together with some extra-strength ibuprofen). With the help of the pain meds, I slept pretty well. This morning I am stiff and sore, but not terribly so, which makes me hopeful that I might get off more easily than I feared. But I guess tomorrow will be the real test, right? It seems like the third day is always the worst.

So today I have to report the accident and make an appointment with MPI to have my car checked out. It’s a lease, so I fully intend to get the damage fixed on the perp’s dime.

Meanwhile, I was trying to distract myself last night by continuing to research house music by female artists for an upcoming gig in which I want to play women-created music exclusively. I came across a track I’d only ever heard in a Blond:Ish DJ set before, and never knew what it was. It’s Nina Kraviz’s “Walking in the Night (Blond:Ish Remix). Yes! So exciting! I wanted to buy it right away but I could not find a purchase link anywhere, and the only download links I could find were on sketchy servers that I worried were full of viruses and spyware. So I posted on Facebook to ask if anyone knew where I could safely and legitimately get this track (I want to actually own the stuff I play in public. I don’t know if DJs get audited for that kind of thing, but I do feel that the artists should be fairly compensated for their work, especially when I’m profiting from playing it).

One of my Facebook friends introduced me to mp3fiber.com and that allowed me to download the track for personal use. I’m going to keep trying to find a legit link for buying it, or an artist’s free download (always a bonus!) before I play it in public. But meanwhile, here’s a great tune that I listened to a dozen times in a row last night: Nina Kraviz’s “Walking in the Night (Blond:Ish Remix). And for those who prefer a calmer tune, here’s Kraviz’s original.

8 thoughts on “A Hard Weekend Ends with a Crash

  1. theturtle

    One , two , three …and you’re done with being rear-ended by white pick-up trucks .Done and free 🙂 Now , be on the look out for the red ones 😉
    Hope you’re feeling better and less sore , and thanks for the music 🙂
    Turtle Hugs

    Liked by 1 person

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