Help Me Communicate With My Doctor – Please?

Q over at Le Quemada (Believe the Girl) wrote this amazing letter to give to her doctor about how her experiences of abuse mediate her experiences with gynecological health care. It is a very powerful letter and I feel strongly that in writing this, she is speaking for many of us abuse survivors, as well as providing an amazing model for how we can advocate for ourselves and each other when dealing with the medical system. Please take the time to read this and think about how this might work for you (if you’re a survivor), and what you can do to understand and support survivors (if you haven’t experienced this yourself). Be aware that some of this is quite explicit, so if you’re not in a space to read about specific triggers, maybe come back later instead.

Please join me in wishing Q all the very best with her upcoming procedures, and a swift and complete recovery!

Hi dear friends and random readers (actually I think of you all as friends). Tomorrow I am paying yet another visit to my trusty urogynecologist, to be fitted with a device that may help me out a bit with my pelvic organ prolapse until I can have surgery in a few months. I was thinking I might take the following letter with me to give to her. And I would so appreciate feedback and suggestions. Be honest. It is too antagonizing? Is it too direct? Or too indirect? Should I include something else?

I can also wait and send it to her later, but maybe I should go ahead and give it to her before I chicken out. Appointment is as 10:30am Pacific time, but if you read this later and want to offer suggestions, that’s still wonderful. Thank you all for your help. Here’s the first draft.

February 1…

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