Stuff I Did in March, Part One: Back to the Loom

After a long break due to a rear-ender and the February Blues, I finally got back to the loom near the end of March. This is a loom I got with the warp already on, and I’ve been doing a series of wall hangings on it. I finished off the one I’d abandoned in January:


Then I picked out colours for the next one and started winding the bobbins:

weaveMarch2016-02That round black table is the one my grandmother used when she did bobbin lace.

I am pretty happy with the hem at the start of this piece; my hems aren’t usually so even:

weaveMarch2016-01These pictures are all of the backside of the work, hence the dangling threads where I switched it up. I like doing little patches of different colours to interrupt the plain bands, so here I put some silver streaks in the orange part:

weaveMarch2016-03And then, below, I added some more colour in the unbleached linen. Here and there I try not to beat the weft quite as consistently, to get a more open and irregular look. You can see that in the top third of the linen band below. Part of me loves the randomness and open look of this, and another part of me is bothered by it. I like the saori-ness of it, though, and will keep experimenting with this technique.

weaveMarch2016-05Below, the more open weave is near the bottom of the picture, and I’ve added more interruptions in the orange band. Then I worked the pink and yellow at the same time from opposite sides. This is as far as I got in March. Two more bands and this one will be done:

weaveMarch2016-06It felt good to work on the loom again. The pictures aren’t the best quality and the colours aren’t very true, since the loom is currently in the basement laundry room with little natural light. Once I’m finished with this warp, I’ll take some better pictures!

7 thoughts on “Stuff I Did in March, Part One: Back to the Loom

    1. nissetje Post author

      Thanks! I do, too–I won’t know until I’m finished how it actually turned out. 🙂 I’ve tried a lot of new-to-me things so I’m so curious about whether or not they worked as I planned!

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  2. WeaverGrace

    I am accustomed to planning every detail of each piece that I weave. Thanks for your inspiration as you work on weaving more spontaneously. I especially like the random little streaks that you put into the stripes to break them up.

    Unfortunately, you reminded me of a consequence of hurting my knee a couple days ago. No loom work until it heals? No!

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    1. nissetje Post author

      Ah, I’m sorry about your knee! Here’s hoping it heals up soon.

      I’m fairly new to weaving, and I planned my first pieces very meticulously. But I acquired this loom with the warp already on (and a handful of the warp threads on the right-hand-side broken in transport), so I grabbed the chance to just play around and experiment. It’s been a lot of fun!


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