Stuff I Did in March, Part Two: Music, Recycling, Cupcakes

In addition to getting back to the loom, I had another DJ gig in March. I was playing with two other women, and we were trying to work with two systems: Traktor and Serato. First we tried to connect them with an old Allan and Heath Z10fx mixer, but we couldn’t get it to work:


So we rented a Pioneer DJ mixer from Long & McQuade for, I think, about $45, and that worked perfectly. On the left is a Pioneer controller with a PC laptop using Serato, and on the right is a Traktor controller with a Mac running Traktor:


Sorry for the fuzziness. I’m gonna get a new phone soon, really!

The gig went well except that the owner of the PC didn’t pack her power cord, so the battery ran out nine minutes before close. I was the last one up, so that wrecked my fancy ending, but the crowd was good-humoured about it.

The next night I went to the Good Will Social Club to Mama Cutsworth’s DJ Academy for All Women Graduation Dance Party:

DSC_0044smIt’s been a year since I was up on that stage for my own graduation recital, and I knew two women graduating in this class, so I was pretty excited to be there. But unfortunately, I wasn’t feeling very well. I had no cold meds in house, but some determined rummaging through the bathroom uncovered some mysterious meds brought back from Mexico or Spain by a family member. So I took a couple of those pills and headed out the the recital. Halfway there, I suddenly felt completely high. My sinuses were clear and sharp and crispy, and with each breath I could feel gusts of air blasting through them. My skin felt super-sensitive, and I was very thirsty and agitated. Over the next hour and a half, I drank about eight glasses of water, and couldn’t sit still for longer than a few minutes. I must have made twenty loops of the venue, from our table to the bar to the pizza counter to the toilets and back. I even danced for a bit, despite having felt like death warmed over earlier in the evening. When I sat, I was tapping my fingers and jiggling a leg and shifting in my seat. But in not too long, the effects wore off and my sinuses started phlegming up again and I wanted to go to sleep, so I got myself back to the car and home (about a six-minute drive, fortunately) and dropped into bed.

The rest of the month was pretty tame by comparison. My bromate had been complaining for months about all the empty glass jars I save, so I sorted through them, and just kept the pretty ones and the most useful sizes. I recycled all the rest, including anything that had hard-to-remove label glue, no matching lid, or a lid whose smell wouldn’t come out (hello, curry paste!). I rewashed all of them to get the dust out. And then I went through all my bulk spices and used the clean and cute little jars to store them, and wiped down my spice cupboard (a converted ironing board cupboard) and arranged all the pretty jars:


Later in March I went to the annual MAWA Over the Top Art Auction and Cupcake Party. It’s the first time I’ve been to this fundraiser, and I was completely unprepared for how popular the event is! There was lots of amazing art donated by local artists for the silent auction, and unlimited free cupcakes. MAWA is physically connected to its neighbour, the Edge Gallery, and this event used both spaces, with the connecting door thrown open.

I had taken $100 cash with me (and no debit / credit cards; I’m on a budget) for the silent auction, but when I got there, fifteen minutes after the event started, I was already outbid on the pieces I would have wanted. So I bought a whack of raffle tickets instead, and wandered through the crowd admiring the art and the people. I kept having to go outside and stand on the sidewalk to get out of the press of people. It was warm in there, and the crowdedness was making me feel a bit panicky. But the art was great, and I read every single artist’s name and the titles of the works. The cupcakes were artistic, too, although I could only eat three of them:


These stands were set up in multiple places around the venues, and people were also working the crowd with trays of cupcakes. Some of the cupcakes had little flags to indicate they were vegan or gluten-free. The best line I overheard at the event was from a female-appearing child of twelve or so leading two younger kids toward a cupcake tree: “Yeah, I’m always sick the day after this event, but it’s totally worth it!”


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    1. nissetje Post author

      Haha, thanks! Honestly, I have the most awesome, cool, interesting, creative friends, and I feel like the boring duckling most of the time. So thank you!

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