COVID-19, Oil Pipelines, and Water

It’s so great that oil is practically worthless now! Now if the governments would just stop bailing out those companies. We don’t need to extract and use more fossil fuels. We already KNOW they are a limited resource. We already KNOW that the environment is utterly destroyed by these processes, polluting ground water and aquifers and land for animals (including human animals) and plants.

We don’t need more pipelines, and more use of government violence to violate ancestral lands, medicine bundles, and the bodies of the matriarchs. We don’t want the RCMP used as a tool of colonial violence against the land and the protectors of the land.

What we want is clean air, clean water, healthy forests, thriving ecosystems, and an abundance of pollinators and scavengers and all the other bits and pieces that make up a healthy planet.

Honestly, don’t you think it is awful that there are these amazing rivers running right through this city and we can’t even swim in them? Isn’t it criminal? Isn’t it just the saddest, most desolate  thing? In the hot summers, the rivers and streams of this city should be filled with kids and teens and adults swimming and playing and hanging out on inner tubes. Even Lake Winnipeg, one of the largest freshwater lakes in the world, regularly has E. coli and other warnings, keeping swimmers out of the water. We did this. We did this.

COVID-19 helped to screw up the gas & oil industry. We’re all staying home, the lucky and wise ones at least. The unlucky ones are on the front lines in hospitals and grocery stores, risking their lives for us. And the irresponsible assholes are out protesting that they have a right to assemble and spread disease. But my point is, gas and oil are at rock bottom. They’re in the negatives. Let’s keep it that way as much as possible!

Go green, go green, go green. Yes, of course, every green technology also has its problematic aspects, but there will always be wind. There will always be sunshine. These are actually infinitely (in human terms) renewable. They are free, they are generously free, and waiting to be used. And COVID-19 also destroyed a lot of jobs and livelihoods. Go green! That’s where we can create new jobs, and that’s where the government money should go, not to the oil & gas companies. Why bail out an industry that’s going to fail anyway? Why keep giving money and guns to an industry that’s killing forests and rivers and people?

Water is its own entity, the lifeblood of the planet, something that cannot / should not be owned, but we have let corporations use it as if it is a private possession. We let them use water for fracking, polluting the aquifers and lowering ground water levels. We let them pour their pig shit into it. We let them bottle it for fizzy drinks, emptying aquifers and draining rivers.

Turn away from oil. Turn toward water. Make your decisions, cast your votes, convince each other that the goal is for each river to run clean, for each lake to be healthy, for the aquifers to be full and pure, and for us all to understand that water is everyone’s responsibility.

COVID-19 may have killed a vicious and filthy beast (that’s the gas & oil industry for those who haven’t caught the drift of my rant). If we’re lucky and our governments make good decisions, we will let that monster die. All the energy that went to feed it (the money and the workers and the resources) can be used to build up something new, something clean, something that is sustainable.

No more pipelines!!!






1 thought on “COVID-19, Oil Pipelines, and Water

  1. Q

    Hey, it’s good to see you back on WP–you disappeared for a while, I think?

    And it’s been so long that maybe you don’t remember. I used to show up as “la quemada,” but that is now shortened to Q, and my blog name changed, too, after my son found my blog. I think we kind of lost touch by then, though I’m not sure of the timing. Anyway, I’m happy to see you writing. If you feel like visiting, these days you can find me at

    And I so agree with you about the oil… but I don’t feel very hopeful about it.



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