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Today I Can’t Shut Out the World

My Facebook news feed always shows me stories about hard-luck dogs: the ones abandoned, the ones surrendered to shelters by owners unwilling (or, so sadly, willing but unable) to care for them, the ones born wild and now starving / scavenging / suffering.

I’ve put most of those pages on a separate “interest group” so I’m not confronted with them every day, so I don’t start every day in tears as I eat my porridge before going to work.
But most of my Facebook friends care as much about dogs as I do, and the things they share still appear in my main feed.

I always care about these lonely and confused dogs, but at enough of a remove that the sadness doesn’t trip me up. Today, though, I feel overwhelmed by the magnitude of suffering in the world. I am feeling tender and moved toward all the abandoned and unwanted creatures, Continue reading

Hurt People Hurt People

It’s awful and heartbreaking and terrifying and absolutely unacceptable.

But please stop pretending it’s incomprehensible. And please stop thinking the perpetrators must be “mentally unbalanced.”

We in the white western world are in their countries, killing civilians, bombing hospitals, and destroying infrastructure. And in “our” own countries Continue reading