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Stop Telling Me to Be Thankful, Dammit!

Like many people, my relationship with my family is… complicated. Which means holidays can be… interesting.

The Americans are busy being thankful today. We Canadians did that last month (I think it’s because harvest comes earlier here in Canada. By next week, we’ll be approaching Absolute Zero). As we pass both Thanksgivings and I turn a side-eye toward Christmas, here are some posts I’ve been appreciating:

Thanksgiving. It’s not always happy by the Bloggess.

Captain Awkward’s Ugh… Holidays.

The awesome cartoon sonofabeach96 dug up.

GettingrealwithPTSD linked to a piece about Finding Something to be Grateful for on Thanksgiving for survivors of childhood abuse.

Some fabulous advice from rumpydog’s mom about What to Give a Child in Need. (Also, if you’re giving to shelters and food banks and the like? Tampons! Pads! Deodorant! Toothpaste and toothbrushes! New underwear and new or very gently used bras!)

And basically every single gorgeous post by textilessudouest.

I refuse to invent things to be thankful or grateful for out of some sense of holiday obligation or pressure to “think positive.” But these bloggers are some of the voices I greatly appreciate.

Now I’m off to plug in the car for the first time this year…