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Finished this book: Runaway: Diary of a Street Kid by Evelyn Lau


This was a disturbing book. Evelyn Lau writes about her experiences living on the street after running away from home at the age of fourteen to escape her abusive, controlling parents.

Lau had always wanted to be a writer, and had already received some awards and recognition for her writing at a young age, but she was forced to leave home to escape an unendurable situation. She stayed with friends at first, given the network of friends and fellow writers she had already established, but as the pressure from police and child welfare authorities increased, her friends became unable and unwilling to shelter her. Continue reading

Finished this book: Incognito Street by Barbara Sjoholm

Cover of Incognito Street by Barbara Sjoholm

Cover of Incognito Street by Barbara Sjoholm

This memoir of the author’s travels through Europe as a young woman is a well-written and pleasant read. The countries in which she describes her travels (primarily France, Spain, and Norway) are mere backgrounds, however, to her inner travels. Sjoholm is struggling to be a writer, to understand what being a writer means, to find the balance between writing and living. She is also coming to terms with her attraction for her friend Laura, and Laura’s attraction to her. Also, at the time she was traveling, there were great political changes happening in her home country (USA) with regard to gender and politics, and the book touches on her growing awareness of and interest in that. Continue reading

Finished this book: Yes Please by Amy Poehler

Cover of Yes Please by Amy Poehler

Cover of Yes Please by Amy Poehler

This book stood out for me because of Poehler’s amazingly positive outlook on life. Sure, things go wrong or things are hard, but overall the attitude that shines through is one of optimism, hope, belief in hard work, trust in her friends, and an understanding of how fortunate she is to be living the life she is, with work that she loves and children she loves.

It was interesting to read about her career so far. What I found especially fascinating was how she has perspective on the early days of her career, when she was unknown, passed over, broke, and struggling. Continue reading