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Trying to Be (In)Visible


A couple of weeks ago, I was driving along with all my windows open and the Fluffy Dog in the back of the car, when an impatient driver raced up behind me. I had seen her coming in my rearview. You know the kind: weaving in and out of traffic, trying to get the advantage of one more carlength. I needed to be in the next lane anyway, so I signaled and and pulled into the gap to my left to let her race by, at which point there was a blaring horn and I realised that the same impatient driver had simultaneously pulled to the left at high acceleration to get around me. She screeched back into the right lane and pulled up beside me at the next light, lowered her window, and began to scream and swear at me. (The Fluffy Dog raised his head at the commotion but didn’t bestir himself to look at all threatening or even concerned, the big old dope.) Continue reading


My House, My Rules? Well, sometimes maybe.

Someone recently wrote in to Captain Awkward with a question about how to handle her parents’ insistence that she and her partner (who live together) not sleep in the same bed under the parents’ roof during holiday visits because the couple are not married. In fact, on a previous visit, the letter writer’s boyfriend had to sleep outside in a tent.

Captain Awkward’s advice is great, as always, and the commenters have expanded on that advice. But this kind of thing infuriates me, especially the whole “my house, my rules” thing (which is being debated in the comments as well). I don’t know how coherent I can even be about this, Continue reading

My Grandmother’s Birthday

My grandmother offering tomatoes from her garden.

My grandmother offering tomatoes from her garden.

Today would have been my grandmother’s 102nd birthday and I miss her with each breath and I am glad she’s dead. Continue reading